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Quianna Daniels-Smart, MSW, LSW

Director of Navigation and Advocacy

Quianna Daniels-Smart is a devoted Scholar, Educator, and Culturally Responsive Social Work Practitioner, with an unwavering mission to uplift and empower others. Her remarkable impact is felt both within the Philadelphia community and the organization she serves.

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With a master's degree in social work, focusing on Trauma-Informed Care from PennWest Edinboro campus, Quianna possesses a deep understanding of the effects of trauma on individuals and communities. In her role as Director of Patient Advocacy and Navigation at JKPPA, she utilizes her expertise to amplify patient voices and fortify the organization's advocacy model.


But her dedication to education doesn't stop there. Quianna is currently a diligent third-year doctoral student, wholeheartedly researching the integration of Antiracist pedagogy into higher education. Her goal is to advance antiracist frameworks and principles across academia.


Quianna's active involvement with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) exemplifies her unwavering commitment to social justice and student advancement, earning her the esteemed position of Southeastern Board chair for the NASW Pennsylvania chapter. Her leadership abilities are acknowledged and respected by her peers.


Quianna Daniels-Smart's wealth of knowledge and compassionate spirit make her a driving force for positive change in the field of social work and health care; and in the lives of those she serves. Her genuine desire to help others and dedication to a better society inspire and uplift all who have the privilege of working with her.

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