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Find the resources that best fit your needs.  The links to the organizations below will take you to their original content which is not the property of JKPPA. 


The Joint Commission certifies and evaluates US health care organizations and seeks to improve health care for the public. Click the links below to find more information:


 A national library for Patients. Its librarians will perform Medical research for you and provide it to you in a consumer friendly form. 

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The National Patient Advocate Foundation provides a care plan that will allow you to identify and share everything needed to have a better, quality, health care experience through their care planning guide.

ACA plan guide

The ACA Plan Guide takes you through four key steps that will help you select the Health Plan on the Health Insurance Market


Medicare Plan Guide:

Takes you through 4 key steps to help you find the best Medicare coverage for yourself




Social Security Administration

Resources in one area to programs and services provided by the government for anyone in a position to help another person

Patient Advocate Foundation Services

The PAF Case Management Services offers free one-on-one support for patients and families to help solve real-life problems related to serious conditions.

The National Financial Resource Dictionary helps patients know they are not alone when dealing with healthcare needs

PAF's Financial Aid Funds is an independent division of the PAF that will provide small grants to patients who meet the criteria financially and medically.

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