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Volunteer Professional Advisory Panel

Our Advisory Panel


Are you an active or retired professional who has expertise in the health care field, legal, insurance, or other professional field?

JKPPA is providing a platform for you to share your valuable skills and experience to help patients in need. Our recipients include patients who are facing challenges navigating the health care and realted systems, experiencing difficulties finding the right answers to their questions, feeling conflicted about their health care experience, or just don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Join the JKPPA Advisory Panel and use your experience to give advice and guidance to our volunteers who have been partnered with patient recipients or to the patient recipients themselves. Volunteer today and learn from patients or their volunteer partners what patients’ concerns are and be in a position to learn of interesting health care and related issues and assist others in addressing them.  Feel the personal gratification and reward of:

Doing what you have always done best without the encumbrances of paid professional employment and bureaucratic systems and without potential liability for your good faith professional advice;

Easing the burden of front line health care providers;

Making all the difference in a patient's life.


By joining the JKPPA Advisory Panel you do not have to make any specific time commitment.  When we match you with someone in need, we will first reach out to you to determine if you are available to assist at that time.


You can assist volunteers and patients by providing your expertise and insights to help them focus on asking the right questions and seeking the right solutions. 


You can bring much comfort and support to another at a vulnerable time in their lives. 

Volunteer as little or as much time as you can from the comfort of your home or office and feel the gratitude of helping others.

At a time when corporate health care systems have taken over smaller practices and hospitals and established new methods for the delivery of health care, and with financial and insurance limitations on care, the need for patient advocacy is at an all-time high. Corporate medicine is placing less qualified providers with less time per recipient on the front lines of patient care. The electronic medical records (EMR) populated from a past experience or selected from an inapplicable drop down menu may contain outdated or inaccurate information that hinders receipt of necessary care. Having a JKPPA volunteer professional help patients with a specific medical, legal, insurance or related issue can ensure that unique individual concerns and needs do not fall through the cracks. 

JKPPA and its hero volunteer professional advisory panel members can increase patients’ access to care and point them in the right direction, making them less vulnerable.

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