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Patient Stories

Gretta M.

I was in the hospital following neck surgery and was having difficulty breathing and swallowing. My son and I alerted the nurses and resident physicians about it and waited over two days for someone to figure out what was wrong.  I suffered a stroke, due to a blood clot which I later learned can happen after the surgery. If I had a JKPPA volunteer to advise me, my son and I would have advocated more loudly that I thought it was an emergency and that I wanted to see my surgeon right away.  I would also have known to ask the nurse to get a supervisor involved to quickly escalate my care.  I never would have suffered the stroke that has permanently affected my speech, blinded me, made me unable to walk, feed and dress myself without assistance and has made me unable to work at the job that I loved.  Contact JKPPA before you suffer medical harm! Gretta M.

Nicole P.

I had a benign brain tumor called a meningioma. I had surgeries to remove it and it grew back after every surgery. Every year I went for an MRI to monitor the tumor growth.  My neurosurgeon said it was ok for me to get the MRI closer to my home and for the report to go to my family doctor.  The radiologist missed the tumor growth and when it was finally found on the following year’s MRI, it was already affecting the blood circulation in my brain.  My neurosurgeon said that I couldn’t have more surgery, only gamma knife radiation. JKPPA President Lynn Kornblau suggested that I get another neurosurgery opinion which I did. The new neurosurgeon completely removed the tumor, I got a new lease on life and will have many many more Christmases with my husband and three children.  With her guidance, I now know to have all of my follow up MRI’s done at my doctor’s hospital or have them sent directly to my neurosurgeon for his personal review.  I also know now to schedule a visit with my doctor to review the MRI and plan for next steps, without delay. Nicole P.


Laura W.

I was experiencing decreased fetal movement late in my pregnancy.  I called my doctor and in a very brief conversation he told me to go the hospital which I did.  I was put on a fetal monitor, but my doctor never asked me all of the details of my baby’s decreased movement and didn’t come to see me in the hospital for four and one-half hours. As it turned out my baby was suffering blood loss from a condition called fetal maternal hemorrhage.  Because blood carries oxygen, he didn’t get oxygen to his brain over all of that time and suffered permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy.  If I had a JKPPA volunteer helping me, I would have known to insist that my doctor come to see me and speak to me right away.  I would have asked him if he thought my baby should be delivered right away. If my baby had been delivered right away, he would not have suffered brain damage. Laura W.



My mother fell and broke her hip. she had to go into a nursing home and then she died. I knew she had been sick and I was glad she wasn’t suffering anymore.  I was upset that her death certificate said she died of cirrhosis of the liver when she didn’t have cirrhosis and never drank. My JKPPA volunteer called and emailed the nursing home manager and then the doctor about correcting the death certificate.  The doctor set up a meeting with me, was very kind to me and corrected my mother’s death certificate. Pam 


Randi L.

I am an older individual and fell at home.  After my fall, I couldn’t live independently and went into a nursing home.  I didn’t have anyone to help me and I didn’t have money to pay for the things I needed.  A JKPPA volunteer helped me to connect with Community Legal Services.  The lawyer there assisted me in reducing my home expenses and saved my home from foreclosure.  My JKPPA volunteer helped me to obtain medical assistance.  Randi L.


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