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Tech for Seniors Initiative

The Tech for Seniors Initiative is designed not only to bridge the digital divide among our senior population, but also to empower seniors with the skills and resources to confidently navigate both health care and the broader digital landscape.

13 weeks

 13 week program for select senior centers to engage their members in evolving technology and to improve their digital health care experiences.


Attentive support

1:1 facilitator support and community building opportunities. Participants will learn to access critical health care resources and services more broadly offered by JKPPA. 


Technology Access

Participants will have access to ipads. They'll be empowered and encouraged to navigate online health care portals. Seniors will be in charge of their health care management.

Our Tech for Seniors Initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to responsible patient advocacy and the overall well-being of our senior community. The 13-week program at three different senior centers is designed to:

  • Enhance Health Literacy

  • Foster Social Engagement

  • Promote Cognitive Well-being, and 

  • Reduce Barriers to Health Care Access

Our skillfully designed initiative combines technology workshops, one-to-one coaching, community engagement, and resource materials to participants. 


Thank you to The Sarah Ralston Foundation
JKPPA is the proud recipient of the 2023 Innovative Project Support Grant. This allows us to empower seniors to become proficient in health care technology and gain access to their patient portals.
About The Sarah Ralston Foundation: 

The Sarah Ralston Foundation supports and enhances the quality of life of vulnerable and underserved older adults residing in Philadelphia County. Born from the Ralston Center, an organization with a long history, The Sarah Ralston Foundation seeks to continue that impact by using its resources to give grants and to serve as a community partner to organizations serving older adults in Philadelphia.

Click here for more information on the Sarah Ralston Foundation

Special thanks to our program consultant, Talking Tech with Wayne 


Let us know if you need assistance accessing your patient portals so we can share this project directly with you.

Our current program is closed, stay tuned for future programs.

If you're a program director interested in hosting a future program,
please contact us at or 215.886.4357.
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