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Our Vision

JKPPA strives for all patients to be active partners in their own health care.

Our Mission

JKPPA acts as a resource to clients and their loved ones who need assistance navigating the health care system, including referral to other networks and organizations who may better assist them;

JKPPA guides volunteers who are already providing assistance to their loved one or friend;

JKPPA brings professional and consumer volunteers together with clients to assist them on a specific issue or problem and to help them to help themselves to improve their health care experience and outcomes;


JKPPA establishes an allied health, legal and other professional panel of advisors, active and/or retired, to support our volunteers and clients by providing remote and/or telephone guidance, as needed; 


JKPPA positively and efficiently communicates and connects with health care providers to reduce the burden upon already overstressed health care providers.

Our Goals

Help clients to be partners with their own health care providers;

Facilitate better communications between clients and health care providers;


Improve clients’ experiences and the quality of their communications and care;


Reduce conflict between clients and health care providers;


Facilitate patient centered care;


Increase clients’ chances of successful health outcomes;


Enhance patient safety nets;

Influence changes in health care and related practices, systems and policies for the individual and public good.

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