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Our Story

Jeff Kornblau compassionately devoted his life to advocating for others, especially individuals who faced health care challenges.  His fierce sense of justice and unrelenting commitment to helping others shaped his work as a renowned medical malpractice trial attorney. 


Always committed to elevating the voices of his patient clients and their loved ones, Jeff's arguments to the Jury often included the basic principle:

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“Every Good Health Care Provider Should Listen to the Patient.” 


When Jeff represented a vulnerable client who faced potential “amputation therapy” due to an infection in the bone of his leg, Jeff drove three hours to a rural community hospital and successfully advocated for the patient’s transfer to a facility that would offer him the IV antibiotic and debridement “therapy,” that saved his leg and his life. 


When Jeff argued to a jury that a father’s breast cancer, just like a mother’s, should have led the patient’s physician to realize his daughter’s high risk for the early aggressive breast cancer that she suffered, he influenced a change in the medical guidelines to include increased genetic risk from first degree relatives regardless of gender. 


When Jeff represented a pregnant patient with sickle cell disease who had not been classified as high risk, which led to the stillbirth of her child, he changed hospital policy to ensure that all pregnant sickle cell patients be placed under the care of a high risk pregnancy doctor. 

Still, when Jeff and his wife Lynn, our JKPPA president, became concerned that Jeff had suffered medical complications from a treatment he had received, their concerns were not heard by the medical system and Jeff succumbed to the untreated disease.


We can't change Jeff's story, but we can strive to improve patient experiences and care. JKPPA honors Jeff's legacy of helping and advocating on behalf of others. Working together with our health care and other professionals, we support his legacy by bringing people together for this common goal.

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