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We Can Help

What we do...

  • We match your request with partner volunteers, who will provide basic advice on how to navigate the health care and related systems

  • We help you to help yourself

  • We assist family members/loved ones to better help you

  • We provide a panel of professional advisors to support our volunteers and patient recipients

  • We provide tips for positive interactions with your health care providers

  • We assist with a single issue or problem 

We don't...

  • We are not a medical provider

  • We don't offer medical advice

  • We don't treat you or provide medical services

  • We don't provide legal services

  • We don't provide case management services

  • We don't make medical or legal decisions for you

  • We don't provide emergency services

  • We don't store your medical records

  • We don't continuously engage throughout your health care experiences

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